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NJ Homebuyers Education

The purchase of a home is without a doubt one of the most significant purchases a person will make in a lifetime. The impact home ownership has on your ability to accumulate wealth and provide for your family is indisputable. An investment of this magnitude certainly merits the investment of your time. We know that an educated consumer is the best consumer and with a purchase as significant as a home, there is no better time to be educated.

While the home buying process is lengthy and can seem complex, it is a manageable journey. You can easily make bad business decisions or fall victim to fraudulent lending simply because you don’t understand the process. Understanding the basic elements of a mortgage loan (and the various types of mortgages) as well as the dynamics of contracting for a home and closing on a mortgage loan can make all the difference in the world; even the difference between living the American Dream rather than a financial nightmare.

Let EPICCDC help you. EPICCDC is a HUD approved housing counseling organization that can help by providing you the education and counseling you need. Our certified housing counselors can help you explore your options and plan for your future. You can do this!

For our Home buyer’s workshops. EPICCDC charges a material cost of $30.00 per person and $40.00 per couple. EPICCDC charges $19.69 for clients desiring Credit Reports Only Services.

EPIC Community Development Corporation provides counseling in English and Spanish. You may bring a trusted confidante or family member to facilitate translations we do not provide. Our facility is handicapped accessible with a wheelchair ramp.

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